Lending Services

Bluestone Lending Services (BLS) is a leading provider of loan origination and servicing software to the lending industry in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Portfolio and Asset management services are provided to a range of stakeholders including financial product distributors, banks, bond investors, institutional fund investors and Trustees.  

These services include:
- Core Servicing (customer and loan administration)
- Special Servicing (collections and arrears management)
- Standby or Backup Servicing
- Trust Management (cash and bond administration)
- Property Management and Loan Resolution or Restructuring Strategies

Lending Services benefits from a state of the art technology platform that allows multiple portfolios and asset classes to be managed on a single platform.  The platform, known as Bluestone's Origination and Servicing System (BOSS), is specifically designed to accommodate the migration and boarding of multiple portfolios of loan receivables under a common IT infrastructure, which includes substantial disaster recovery and BCP resources.