Bluestone Wins at the Property Investors Awards 2018

Bluestone took home Gold for the Best Mortgage Product at the Property Investors Awards 2018, an achievement that recognises our unwavering focus on providing industry-leading products and services.

This September Bluestone celebrated its latest industry achievement - winning Gold for the Best Mortgage Product at the inaugural Property Investors Awards 2018. The award recognises Australia’s best property investment services and products.

Winners were officially announced in the October 2018 issue of Your Investment Property magazine. In its announcement, the magazine highlights Bluestone’s “flexible loan products that are designed to help residential property investors get ahead.

Bluestone’s offering for this type of investor includes sought-after options including interest-only periods, fixed rates and the opportunity to cash out equity or set up a line of credit to support their property portfolio expansion and maintenance.

Bluestone’s unwavering focus on providing solutions for its broad customer base was another contributing factor to the win. This is of particular benefit to borrowers whose loan applications benefit from a personalised approach, which isn’t always possible within the more rigid assessment criteria of mainstream banks. By taking a personalised approach to income verification and loan applications, we are often able to provide a solution for borrowers who  have been rejected elsewhere.

You can have a look at the other award winners here, and find out more about Bluestone’s industry-leading investment loans here. If you’d like to book an appointment with a Bluestone Home Lending Specialist please call 1300 652 672 Monday to Saturday 7.30am to 9pm or request a quote here.