What is a Non-Bank Lender?

Non-banks help all kinds of borrowers who don't quite fit in with mainstream banking purchase homes and investment properties, or refinance their existing loans to reach personal and business goals.

Australians who want to own their own home, consolidate debt via a mortgage, refinance an existing home or buy a residential investment property have more choices than they might first think about when it comes to deciding on a home loan provider.
Now there’s Bluestone. With over 17 years of home lending experience, Bluestone is a fast growing non-bank that specialises in home and investment home loans.  
In Australia, “non-bank” is a relatively new term. Read on to find out exactly what makes Bluestone a non-bank, how we differ from other financial institutions and whether a Bluestone home loan may be right for you.
“Non-Bank” - What does it mean?
In the most basic terms, non-banks don’t offer everyday, deposit and withdrawal, bank accounts.
In addition, as a non-bank Bluestone takes a much more personalised approach to credit assessment. Unlike mainstream banks, we don’t use automated credit scorecards. Instead  we have a team of specialists who personally assess each new customer’s circumstances.
Service benefits of non-bank loans
Bluestone offers a flexible, phone-based service so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to apply for a home loan.
Our lending specialists focus on each individual customer, from application through to settlement.  We pride ourselves on competitive rates and our ability to keep you informed and supported through every step of the loan process.
Is a non-bank right for me?
Whether a non-bank solution is right for you comes down to what you wish to achieve. 
For self-employed customers it’s important that we accept a variety of ways to demonstrate income - via an accountant’s letter or bank statements for example.  Because these customers are business owners, knowing that they can use the equity that have built in their home to borrow funds for business expansion is also a bonus.
For other customers the value-add of a non-bank is knowing that there’s a way to pay off high interest, personal debts and their mortgage,  with a single and *affordable repayment.
How do I contact Bluestone
Have a look here to learn more about the solutions we offer for our customers.

If you think Bluestone might be an option for you, reach out to one of our home lending specialists by calling 1300 608 658 or by requesting a quote here (don’t worry - there’ll be no credit checks until you say so).

The information provided in this article is general in nature and should not be taken as constituting professional advice.  Because we do not know your individual financial circumstances it’s a good idea to talk to an accountant or financial adviser before taking out a loan.