Interest only home-investment finance

If you are looking for an interest- only loan to refinance an existing residential investment property or want to add a new property to your existing property portfolio, it's worth talking to Bluestone.

With over 17 years of home lending experience, Bluestone is a fast growing, non-bank offering interest-only, residential investment loans.

We take a personal approach to credit assessment - no loan is auto-declined or counted-out based on predetermined 'credit scoring'. At Bluestone, your unique circumstances will be taken into account and your loan application will be carefully considered by a mortgage specialist.

That means that if you are having difficulty sourcing interest-only finance for your investment home, we may be able to help - even if you have had some financial hiccups in the past. With affordable repayments^, Bluestone says YES to different.

^ Subject to credit assessment

Bluestone Mortgages Proprty Investor

Investment home loan features

  • Interest only terms
  • No Lenders Mortgage Insurance required
  • Redraw available
  • Cash-out options for personal and business expenses
  • Split loans and much more
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