Why Bluestone?

We want to help more people buy their own home or investment property. That is why we have designed a range of loan products for people who are having difficulty sourcing finance from mainstream lenders. We always treat customers as individuals and make decisions based on their circumstances and not their credit score.

Flexible home loans

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Customers we help

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes so we know from experience that "one size doesn't fit all". We take time to understand your circumstances and make  decisions based on what we know, not what your credit score says.

Why finance your home and investment home loan with Bluestone

  • Credibility

    Australia's No.1 specialist lender*
    Best Mortgage Product - Property Investors Awards 2018

  • Specialists

    Cater to personal or self-employed, business customers with past or current credit hiccups

  • Responsible

    Your personal needs and objectives taken into account

  • Transparency

    No hidden fees or charges

  • Open

    Options for customers who are self-employed business owners and PAYG employees who want to use their mortgage for business expenses or debt consolidation

  • Experience

    17 years of experience with 22,000+ clients

Are you eligible for a home loan or investment home loan with Bluestone Mortgages?

Are you eligible for a home loan or investment home loan with Bluestone?

As Australia’s No. 1 specialist lender*, we are experts in home loans, residential investment property finance, refinancing and debt consolidation – catering to customers mainstream lenders may not service.

Bluestone will consider your application even if have past or present credit issues, discharged bankruptcy, previous or current mortgage applications, rent arrears or ATO tax debts. We accept mortgage applications from self-employed borrowers and PAYG employees who need an income verification process that makes sense for their situation. We take time to understand your personal or business needs and offer affordable repayments to our approved borrowers.

* Conditions apply. Please contact us for further information.

Bluestone mortgage features

We offer home and investment home loans with great features and flexible options, including:

  • Loan terms up to 30 years
  • Borrowing capacity up to 85 per cent
  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment options**
  • Interest-only payments for residential investment home loans only (for 3 or 5 years)
  • Fixed rates (for 2 or 3 years)
  • Redraw facility
  • Debt consolidation or multiple debts
  • Payments of ATO debt
  • Line of credit facility ^
  • ** First payment must be monthly. Subsequent payments can be flexible.
    ^ Subject to credit criteria and assessment

Bluestone has a five step process

Submit our 1 minute, online enquiry or phone our Home Loan Specialists on 1300 608 658. Please allow approximately 10-15 minutes for your home loan analysis.

We'll discuss with you what you want your home loan to achieve.

We'll help you with any questions you might have about the paperwork.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of your application.

Then it's time to arrange settlement.

Our home and home investment products

Our products have been developed with the customer in mind, they provide solutions for real people. Designed to be flexible they can be tailored to the individual which allows us to provide you with the best deal possible.  

Internet Banking

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  • Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Do Bluestone consider applicants with bad credit history?

    Yes, Bluestone will consider your application. The level of credit impairment will impact your applicable interest rate. Bluestone is able to consider applications with defaults, discharged bankrupts, loan arrears and late payments.
  • How does Bluestone determine my interest rate?

    Bluestone is a risk based lender. We are not a bank and therefore your interest rate is determined with regard to our funding costs, loan to value ratio, credit impairment and current mortgage or rental repayment history (your lending consultant will be able to discuss your indicative rate after discussion of your scenario).
  • Does Bluestone charge application fees?

    No Bluestone do not currently charge an application fee, however there are costs associated with establishing your Bluestone loan which your lending consultant will be able to discuss with you.
  • Does Bluestone lend to applicants with Centrelink income?

    Yes, Bluestone will consider centrelink pension income in assessment of loan affordability e.g. widow’s pension, aged pension, disability pension, family payments & Austudy for a full time student with an acceptable academic record. Centrelink income used in our assessment of affordability is subject to appropriate written confirmation. Newstart payments are not considered.
  • Does Bluestone lend to all locations?

    Bluestone lends in most major metropolitan areas of Australia. Population is the determinate for rural and non metropolitan locations. Refer to the acceptable security locator on this website.
  • Does Bluestone consider loans for Bankrupt/Part 9/Part 10 applicants?

    Yes, Bluestone will consider your application. The timeframe of how long ago the bankruptcy was discharged for example will impact your applicable interest rate.
  • Do Bluestone consider loans for applicants with current rental/mortgage arrears?

    Yes, Bluestone will consider your application. The level of the arrears will impact your applicable interest rate.
  • Is Bluestone compliant with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act?

    Bluestone is compliant with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act as well as the regulatory Requirements of ASIC and the credit ombudsman. Bluestone will ensure in an assessment of your application that you have the ability to meet your loan repayment commitments without being in a position of “financial hardship”.  Bluestone holds Australian Credit Licence Number 390 183.
  • Is Bluestone a responsible lender?

    Bluestone is a responsible lender and we acknowledge our obligations to ensure that we are acting in the best interests of our borrowers by ensuring that every loan Bluestone offers is suitable. Your income and regular spending habits will be considered (amongst other things) in our assessment of your suitability for the loan.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum loan amount I can borrow?

    Yes, the minimum loan is $100,000 and the maximum loan is $1,500,000 (subject to lending assessment, location and loan to value ratio).
  • Is there a maximum age limit?

    There is no maximum age limit at time of application, although if your age in relation to the remaining term of the loan is a concern to Bluestone with regard to your affordability of the loan, you will be required to seek independent legal advice and to provide Bluestone with details of how the loan will be repaid without causing you undue hardship once your income source no longer is relevant e.g. are you intending to sell an asset/ business/ shares, do you have superannuation to cover the loan?