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Refinance to unlock loan features or free up equity

Regularly reviewing your home loan can help save money on interest, unlock new loan features as your situation changes, and free up equity to help you buy the things you want. Refinance with Bluestone to access a range of great features, including:

Competitive fixed or variable interest rates

Cash-out options for personal and business expenses

Redraw available

Interest-only terms for investors (3 or 5 years)

Personal support from application to loan settlement

Speak to a home loan specialist

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The money you need for the things you want

When's the last time you reviewed your home loan? It's a good idea to regularly assess whether the loan you're in is still the best fit for you, as refinancing can help you access lower interest rates or new loan features. Refinancing can also let you free up equity for your personal or business goals, or consolidate unsecured debts to reduce the interest you are charged.

With nearly 20 years of home lending experience, we take a personal approach to credit assessment - no loan is auto-declined or counted out based on predetermined credit scoring. At Bluestone, your unique circumstances will be taken into account and your loan application will be carefully considered by a home loan specialist.

That means that if you are ready to refinance your home loan, we may be able to help - even if you have had some financial hiccups in the past.

Is a Bluestone home loan the right fit for you?

As Australia’s Best Non-Bank*, we are experts in home loans, residential investment property finance, refinancing and debt consolidation – helping people like you every day.

Our focus is on delivering simple solutions and being there to support you throughout the entire process from application to settlement and beyond. Whether you are a PAYG employee, a small business operator, or recovering from past financial hiccups, our home loan specialists are standing by to help you get started.

*RFI Group's Australian Lending Awards 2019

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I Want to Refinance My Home Loan

I Want to Refinance My Home Loan

I’m Concerned About My Credit History

I’m Concerned About My Credit History

I Want to Consolidate My Debt

I’m a Residential Property Investor

I Want to Buy a Home

I Want to Buy a Home

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I’m Self-Employed