COVID-19 Impact on Bluestone's Operations

This page contains up-to-date information on COVID-19's impact on Bluestone's operations, as well as updates on latest product, policy and process changes.

To our valued broker partners,

As we work through this challenging time, we want to keep you informed on the steps that Bluestone is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks, you can expect regular email updates from us as the situation develops.

We will also collate a list of the ongoing impact on the business and all current changes to our processes on this page.

For all of us, this is a period of uncertainty, but you can be confident that our dedication to you remains unchanged. We will continue to communicate clearly and transparently to ensure you remain updated.



James Angus

Chief Customer Officer

Customer Hardship

We understand the current situation may make it difficult for some customers to meet their home loan repayments.  Bluestone has a long history in supporting customers experiencing financial hardship and we have a range of options to support customers impacted by COVID-19. Customers who are impacted can find up-to-date information on hardship options and processes at


Rates and Policies

You can find our latest rates in our Product Matrix, and Lending Policies in our Lending Policies and Fees, as well as the Product Eligibility Guide.

Pre-Settlement Income Verification

Before settlement, we will now require PAYG customers to provide us with a recent payslip to ensure they retain the ability to service their loan. We will contact you when this is required, and it will become a pre-settlement condition on all PAYG loans going forward. For self-employed customers, we will need a copy of the most recent business bank statement.

Pre-Approvals Suspended

Effective immediately, we no longer accept pre-approvals until further notice.

Free Upfront Valuations Suspended

Due to the current environment, we have temporarily suspended upfront valuations. For the foreseeable future, we will order all valuations once conditional approval is issued.

Phone-based Broker Support Temporarily Unavailable

With our Manila broker support team now working remotely, we believe our team can respond to your enquiries more effectively via electronic channels, so we ask you to email all of your loan status enquiries to You can also call your BDM with any questions at any time.

In-Person Events and Sales Meetings Suspended

Until further notice, our BDMs will be working from home. Even though our sales team won’t be able to meet face-to-face, they stand ready to assist you with your home loan needs - call, text, or email. You’re also welcome to arrange a video call.

Working with Bluestone During this Time

It is now critical for you to submit fully-packaged loan applications that include all supporting documentation. We will not be able to process incomplete applications.

How to fully package your deal

To ensure you receive the fastest approval possible, here is an overview of what we require from you:

  • Supplementary application form and and application submitted through AOL
  • Signed Bluestone privacy consent and declarations form
  • ID documents
  • Income verification documents, e.g. two most recent payslips for PAYG applicants
  • Contract of sale for purchases
  • Mortgage/rental repayment history
  • 6 months’ loan statements for refinances
  • 3 months’ rental credits for refinance of an investment property

Please keep in mind that requirements vary between different home loan products, so please refer to our Loan Application Checklist or reach out to your BDM for the applicable list.

Remote VOI

With concerns growing about the safety of face-to-face identity verification, we have now enabled remote VOI via IDyou.

In case you’re unfamiliar; IDyou by MSA allows mortgage brokers to perform a secure VOI remotely, from anywhere.

The run-down:

  • It’s an app that has inbuilt video call functionality to support the remote verification of identity.
  • It allows you to verify your client face-to-face via video call.
  • The IDyou report is sent to the lender and used as evidence that a video call took place.

Take a look at this short video illustrating exactly how the process works.

If you don’t have the IDyou app downloaded on your smartphone, you can download it on the App Store, or via Google Play.

If you’re having trouble:

frequently asked questions

Is Bluestone currently originating new loans?

While our growth plans are impacted by the current turmoil of the financial markets, we are not exiting, and we are not withdrawing our core Prime, Near Prime and Specialist offerings. We have a substantial capital and liquidity base and will positively manage through today's challenging environment just as we have positively navigated through challenging moments in the past.

Will there be a change to Bluestone’s requirements for valuations requiring physical inspections?

For loan applications that require a physical valuation of the property, customers should expect that the valuer may ask them to confirm whether they have recently returned from overseas, are sick, or are in self-quarantine before booking an appointment. Bluestone will continue to communicate with valuers, and will provide an update if these processes change.


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