6. Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

The Loan to Value ratio (LVR) refers to the calculation of the loan amount as a percentage of the security value. Security value initially can be an estimate for refinances, until which point we receive a suitable valuation from an accredited panel valuer. Likewise, for a purchase, this will be the lower of the contracted purchase price or valuation.

  • Max LVRs per product:

    • Prime, Near Prime, Specialist - Max of 80% for Owner Occ (Metro) or 75% (Non Metro)
    • Specialist+ - Max of 75% or 70% (Non Metro)

  • Max LVRs per loan purpose:

    • Owner occupied - 80% inclusive of fees (and subject to acceptable security location criteria)
    • Investment - 75% for interest only

      • 75% max LVR for interest only on Specialist and Specialist+ (subject to Owner Occ arrears).

  • Max LVRs as per security features:

    • Residential tower blocks:

      • Units in blocks of 4-10 storeys that are new developments (built within 5 years) are limited to 70% including fees.