8. Documentary Requirements by Purpose/Product

Verification Prime Near-Prime


2 most recent payslips, with corresponding salary credits into personal bank account


Full Doc: 2 years tax returns and NOA (Company individual where applicable) plus 3 months Business Bank Statements or 3 months BAS

Alt Doc: 6 months Business Bank statements plus  6 months BAS

Full Doc: 1 years tax returns and NOA (company and individual where applicable) plus 3 months Business Bank Statements or 3 months BAS.

Alt Doc: 6 months Business Bank Statements or 6 months BAS, or Accountants Letter

All alt doc applications to provide customer declaration form

Living Expenses

Income based HEM, compared to declared figure (no statements required*)

3 months personal bank statements covering day to day expenditure for all applicants

Rental Income

Existing Investment Property:

Bank statements showing 3 months of identifiable rental credits or 3 months managing agent statements

Executed rental tenancy agreement PLUS one months rental credits into bank account if < 3 months

Proposed Investment Property

Valuation report figure


Rental appraisal (if we are not taking security)

Mortgage/LOC Statements
(For impairment/refi)

Most recent 6 months of statements - with all account information present for all owner occupied loans and investment loans being refinanced

Most recent one month statement for all other mortgages, which must include the loan credit limit and either the minimum repayment amount or current interest rate

Rental Ledger - most recent 6 months evidence, when applicant(s) have been renting

Personal Loans/Credit Cards

Most recent month statement

Other debts to be paid out

Most recent months statement or equivalent document

Benefit/other Income

Most recent statement on appropriate organisation letterhead (where applicable)

E.g.  Family Tax benefit A,B, Carer’s payments etc.

Cash Out

Evidence of purpose to permit control of funds for cash out amounts exceeding product limits - including invoices, contracts, account information etc.


Executed (signed and dated by all parties - prior to settlement) real estate institute Contract of Sale

Council rates

Most recent, required for all refinance applications

*Underwriters can use discretion for any of the above documentation to request additional information where necessary.