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We’re specialist residential home loan lenders for more Australians.

And we’re growing fast.

Welcome to Bluestone

We have a team of over 270 professionals across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Bluestone started out as an Australian lender headquartered in Sydney in 2000. We manage over A$11bn in home loans for our Australian and New Zealand customers and have helped over 51,000 Aussies and 13,000 Kiwis with home loans that fit a wide range of circumstances.

We’ve helped 10,000’s of Australians with a variety of Financial needs

Bluestone helps people with a variety of financial needs, whether they are looking to refinance, purchase homes or invest in residential property. Our solutions are popular not only with PAYG borrowers, but also self-employed borrowers who require alternative ways to prove their income, and residential property investors with complicated income streams.

The circumstances and needs of our customers are diverse – for example, some have a clear credit history and others have had a few financial hiccups. That’s why we have done away with credit scores and instead ask questions to better understand each unique situation. By assessing every application on a case-by-case basis, we can build a more accurate picture of personal circumstance and match home loans to different lifestyle needs.

Bluestone’s here for your home loan needs

Specialised home loan solutions to suit your needs

Faster, easier loan approvals

One-on-one support from a Bluestone Specialist

Shaped by our values

Our values reflect how we think, act and build trust with our colleagues and customers. Above all, we value transparency, ownership, enterprise, commitment and collaboration. These principles allow us to thrive as a team and support others in their journeys to grow and develop.

Our recognition program calls out and rewards team members that model these values, ensuring they remain top of mind with everything we do.

WGEA Statement

At Bluestone, we recognise the importance of promoting a workplace that values diversity, equity and inclusion. We appreciate the importance of gender equality and are committed to reducing the gender pay gap within our organisation.

As is typical in many finance organisations, we have a lower proportion of females in senior leadership roles and a higher proportion in our lower paid roles, which has contributed to our gender pay gap.  Pleasingly, last year’s WGEA reports reflect the progress we have made in increasing the presence of females in senior leadership roles and in key management positions, as approximately 50% of all new leaders and managers were female.

We will continue to focus on our recruitment and talent management practices to ensure our policies and practices enable us to create a diverse and equal workforce.

Mark Jones, Chief Executive Officer