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Looking Back on a Year of Giving

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While we achieved a lot at Bluestone in the last financial year, some of our proudest moments were when we gave back. Whether we were planting trees in Manilla, cycling to raise money for Ukraine or painting homes in New Zealand, over the last financial year we were all united in our commitment to giving back and doing our bit to help make the world a better place. 

Here are some of the amazing ways we contributed to communities near and far in FY22.

Planting trees around the world

Our trees and forests are home to thousands of species of wildlife, and we’re doing our bit to protect them. Since 2020, in partnership with OneTreePlanted and FEED, we’ve been planting three trees for every home loan we settle. And since 2021, through our trees for tries initiative, we’ve also been planting 100 trees for every try the Penrith Panthers score. 

So far we’ve planted over 40,000 trees in Manila, Australia and New Zealand. All our trees are carefully chosen to support local ecosystems and wildlife, focusing on areas that have been affected by bushfires, logging, clearance and invasive species.  

Supporting domestic violence survivors 

Earlier this year in March, in honour of International Women’s Day, 10 volunteers from Bluestone Home Loans joined Habitat for Humanity Australia and spent a day refurbishing a home for women and children escaping domestic violence and homelessness. Our NZ team also got in on the volunteer action in May. 

We plan to continue to support this amazing initiative through 2023 and beyond.

Fundraising for Ukraine

Earlier this year, in partnership with Unicef, we took to the pedals to support people across Russia, Ukraine and the surrounding regions.  We installed a stationary bike in each of our offices, and cycled  a combined 880km – the distance from Kyiv to Warsaw (plus a bit!). This is the distance many of the people across the region had to travel to find safety, leaving their homes, families and possessions behind. 

Thanks to the generous donations of staff, friends and family members, as well as Bluestone matching every donation and contributing an extra $2 per km, we were able to raise an amazing $6,225. This will be used to provide access to basic services like water and sanitation, immunisation and healthcare as well as schooling, learning and emergency cash assistance for up to 7.5 million children and families. 

What does the year ahead bring?

We’re excited to continue our focus on corporate social responsibility for next year, with a commitment to continuing our tree planting efforts through One Tree Planted and our partnership with the Penrith Panthers. We’re also planning future volunteer days with Habitat for Humanity, and more! 

Learn more about our CSR initiatives and the organisations we partner with here.

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