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Frequently asked questions

About Bluestone

  • Is Bluestone a bank?

    Bluestone is a non-bank. This means we don’t offer transaction accounts or credit cards. Our home loans are funded in a different way to the banks, which gives us flexibility to offer a wider range of home loan products to fit our customers’ needs.

  • Where is Bluestone based? Do you have branches?

    Bluestone has offices spread across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We’re not a bank, so we don’t have branches.

  • How is Bluestone funded?

    Bluestone is funded by warehouse funding facilities. These warehouses are like a huge overdraft that we negotiate with major banks. For each loan we settle, we draw out money to pay our customers.

  • Who is Bluestone owned by?

    Bluestone is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. Cerberus is a global leader in alternative investing with over US$53 billion in assets.

Purchasing with Bluestone

  • What's the best way to apply for a loan with Bluestone?

    The best way to apply is to take our Find your Fit journey. Answer a few questions to get an indicative idea of your rate and repayments, and leave your contact details so one of our team can get in touch and arrange a time to chat.

  • Who will help with my loan application? Can I speak to a person if I need to?

    Our friendly loan specialists are on hand to help you with your loan application every step of the way. You can get in touch on 1300 608 658, or by filling out our enquiry form here.

  • How do you work out how much I can borrow?

    We take a number of different factors into account when deciding how much you’re eligible to borrow. These include your income, expenses, any other debts and your financial history. We also look at the value of your security property and where it’s located.

  • Does Bluestone lend to first home buyers?

    Yes. Many of our borrowers are first home buyers. However, we don’t accept the first home buyer’s grant.

  • Can I get a construction loan or build off the plan?

    Unfortunately at this time we are not offering construction or off the plan loans.

  • Can I get help using a guarantor?

    No – at Bluestone we don’t accept guarantors on home loans for individuals.

  • Can I use a cash gift for my deposit?

    Yes – we don’t require what’s known as genuine savings at Bluestone. This means you can use gifted funds for your purchase.

  • Can I apply for a home loan in a company name or a family trust?

    Yes, you can apply for a home loan in a company name or a discretionary, unit or family trust. We allow a maximum of four applicants on a loan. If there is a company or trust involved, each director will need to be a guarantor on the application.

Managing my Bluestone loan

  • How do I access my account?

    If you’re using our new internet banking platform, you can access your account here. You should have received your login details in your welcome email but if you didn’t please contact customer service on 13 25 83.

    If you have not yet been migrated over to our new internet banking platform, you can access your account here.

  • How do I change my internet banking password?

    For help with internet banking please call customer support on 13 25 83.

  • Are you offering any kind of help to customers for COVID-19 related hardships?

    If you’re dealing with financial hardship due to COVID-19, we may be able to help with reduced repayments, or a temporary suspension of your repayments. You can connect with our hardship team here.

  • If I am unable to make my usual loan repayments what are my options?

    We have a number of options available to customers who are unable to meet their loan repayments, depending on their financial circumstances and repayment history. These include reduced repayments or a temporary suspension of repayments.

    Learn more here or contact our hardship team here.

  • How do I make extra repayments?

    There are a few ways to make extra repayments on the principal balance of your loan. You can set up an additional direct debit, use electronic transfer or even make a payment by cheque. Please be aware that fixed rate loans have a limit on extra repayments – contact customer service on 13 25 83 if you’d like to know more.

  • Can I make changes to my loan?

    Contact customer service on 13 25 83 to discuss any changes to your loan.

  • Can I get an increase on my loan?

    If you have a Bluestone home loan and you’re looking to borrow more, you may be eligible to apply for an increase. Whether or not you will be approved depends on a number of different factors including your income, repayment history and the value of your security property.

    Contact our customer service team on 13 25 83 and choose option 3 or 4.

  • How do I find out if I have available funds in redraw?

    You can check your available funds in redraw via internet banking or give our customer service team a call on 13 25 83.

Our home loans

  • What type of home loans do you offer?

    We offer a range of home loans for owner-occupiers and property investors, including borrowers who are self-employed or need an alternative way to prove their income.

  • Am I eligible for a Bluestone home loan?

    To be eligible for a Bluestone home loan you need to be:

    • An Australian citizen or permanent resident living in Australia
    • Over 18 years old
    • Employed (includes self-employed)
    • Buying or refinancing an established residential property – not off the plan or construction
    • An owner occupier or investor (your loan purpose will affect your rates)
    • Looking to borrow between $100,000 and $3m.
  • Does Bluestone charge lender's mortgage insurance?

    At Bluestone, we don’t charge lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI), however we do charge a risk fee on some of our products.

  • Is Offset available on Bluestone home loans?

    Yes, it is! You can find more information about our offset account here.

  • Does Bluestone offer line of credit?

    Yes. We offer a line of credit of up to $500,000 on Prime and and Near Prime full doc and $200,000 on other products except for Specialist +.

  • Can I get a home loan if I'm self-employed?

    Absolutely! Many of our customers are self-employed and we offer a few different ways for you to prove your income for a self-employed home loan using tax returns, BAS statements, business bank statements and more.

  • Can I get a home loan if I've had past credit issues?

    It is possible to get a home loan with bad credit, depending on the circumstances. At Bluestone we have loans designed specifically for borrowers who are recovering from previous financial difficulties. Get in touch with our friendly team to chat about your situation and find out if we can help.

  • Can I get a home loan if I'm bankrupt?

    Depending on your circumstances you may be able to get a home loan if you have a previous bankruptcy. Our Specialist and Specialist+ products are intended to help borrowers who are recovering from previous difficulties. Find out more here or call us on 13 25 83 to talk to a loan specialist about your individual situation.

Home loan jargon

  • What's a valuation and do I need one?

    A valuation is an estimation of how much your property is worth. When you apply for a home loan, refinance or loan increase you will need to get a valuation of your security property to find out how much you can borrow.

  • What's a risk fee?

    A risk fee is a one-off fee that’s designed to protect the lender in the case of applications that are considered to be higher risk. Your application might be considered high risk because you don’t have enough documentation to prove your income, or you have a history of bad credit.

  • What's a comparison rate?

    A comparison rate is there to help you understand the true cost of a home loan, including fees and charges, so you can easily compare different products and lenders.

  • What is full doc and alt doc?

    When you apply for a home loan, you need to show your lender documentation to prove your income. Full doc, alt doc and low doc home loans refer to the type of income verification you use:

    Full doc is when you have access to fully verified forms of evidence to prove your income (tax returns, notice of assessments, income statements).

    Alt doc (also called low doc) is an alternative way to prove your income when you don’t have access to fully verified means. At Bluestone we have a number of flexible alt doc options for borrowers including business activity statements, business bank statements and/or accountants letters.

    Read more about the differences between full doc, alt doc and low doc home loans here.

  • What's an interest-only home loan?

    An interest-only home loan is when you only pay the interest on your loan, rather than repaying the principal (amount you’ve borrowed) as well as the interest. While an interest-only loan can be a good option in some circumstances, there are downsides so make sure you do your homework before making a decision.

  • What is pre-approval, conditional and unconditional approval? What are the differences?

    Pre-approval is something many home buyers or investors get before they start house hunting. With pre-approval the lender has given you an estimation of how much you can borrow. Pre-approval isn’t a guarantee that you will be approved for a loan, but it gives you an idea what you can borrow so you can budget.

    Conditional approval is when approval has been provided on the basis that certain outstanding conditions are met before formal approval can be given.

    Unconditional approval is when you have applied and been approved for a loan. Unlike pre-approval, unconditional approval is a guarantee that you will be able to borrow a certain amount.

NSW and QLD flood hardship assistance

If you’ve been affected by the NSW and QLD floods and are seeking relief, you can contact our hardship team here.