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Simon is an experienced and thoughtful professional with a passion for strategic thinking and technology innovation. With a strong track record of successful project delivery, Simon excels in creating inspiring strategies and visions that drive growth and efficiency for companies.

As a leader, Simon has a knack for hiring, motivating, and developing talented teams, fostering a collaborative work environment. He is a skilled communicator, building trusting partnerships with cross-functional teams and executives to drive positive change.

Simon’s background is diverse, encompassing product development, business strategy, technology strategy, design, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance. His specialized expertise in various tech domains, including software engineering, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, eCommerce, AI/ML, mobile, data security, and privacy, enables him to understand and tackle complex challenges.

His personal values include integrity, accountability, and perseverance, guiding his approach to work and leadership. Simon’s passion for beautifully designed products and a strong customer focus underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional experiences.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Simon enjoys advising early-stage start-ups, drawing from his extensive network of talented professionals. His modest and down-to-earth demeanor belies his impressive achievements, making him an invaluable asset to any team or project.