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Common borrower challenges and how to get over them

Here are some of the most typical obstacles you might face as a borrower, with some tips around how to…

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How To Tackle Rising Mortgage Rates

If you’re a homeowner grappling with higher repayments, here are some useful tips to help you ride the wave while…

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Reasons To Refinance Your Home Loan

A home loan can be with you for many years. In fact, with most borrowers having a mortgage for around…

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Rate Changes & What They Mean For Your Loan

We’ve been hearing a lot about the recent rate changes, but what do they mean for your home loan? Here’s…

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Can You Use Your Equity to Fund Your Retirement?

Looking for a way to tap into the value of your home to boost your income once you finish working?…

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5 ways to finance your home renovation

5 Ways to Finance Your Home Renovation

Looking to renovate your home or investment property? Here are five ways you can finance your renovations and potentially increase…

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5 ways to build up more equity in your property

5 ways to increase the equity in your property

Building up more equity in your home can give you options when it comes to paying off debt, renovating and…

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